Let's Get Digital! How Trading Has Revolutionized Business



The age of digital business is as booming as the golden age of video advertising. There are infinite amounts of avenues to go down now, from online video marketing, to blogs and vlogs and the never ending email marketing campaigns. But what does the digital world mean for how we trade? And how is it benefiting our business processes? What is the world coming to for the age of business in the computer age?

The first thing it is doing is to completely revolutionize how we make our footprints on the world. You need to be hot when it comes to your carbon footprint now, there are Print Services that work with businesses to reduce the amount of paper that they use, and although in many businesses it is still a necessity to use paper for various reasons, there is a shift in how much paper is being used. If we look to younger organizations and how they use their tablets and laptops to capture information, and the amount of apps that are in existence that aims to streamline so many different processes that are essential. From idea generating to keeping notes during meetings, we are seeing a whole new revolution in how paper documents are being slowly edged out. This is for the obvious reason that paper is simply not needed anymore. The fax machine is redundant, and we can connect to a Wi-Fi network (almost) anywhere, we are harnessing the power of industry in our hands.



The way businesses trade is so much more complete and all-encompassing in the modern age. Providing services to customers on a 24-hour, 7-day basis is not just a demand of the customer, it is expected to be part of the package. We are able to trade around the world without needing to leave our office chairs. And a guiding light in this field is Bitcoin. This digital currency is now being accepted all over the world, on many different sites, and, although it is not recognized as a standard currency, the amount of businesses that accept payment in it is showing all other small businesses up. A lot of people may ask “why don’t we just use our own money?” But the fact is that it is bypassing so many different transaction fees and is as easy to use as your own money, that it is slowly becoming a preferred method of payment for any online transaction, as it is saving you money across the board. By using Bitcoin as a way to pay for goods, it is a method of reaching more people than ever before, which is common sense to the small companies want to make their mark worldwide.


Digitization is as common as apple pie now. Tech is progressing at such a rate that the world we saw just 15 years ago is old fashioned. The world of ecommerce, or any trading company demands that we embrace every aspect of technology. And what will the world look like in another 15 years? Quite possibly a world that makes this one look redundant.

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The Future Is Definitely Digital