Super Nintendo Classic Mini

Super Nintendo Classic Mini


I must of been good this year as I got one of these for Christmas, I have spent a good few hours playing some of these retro games, and relive some of my younger years playing these games.

The funniest thing is my kids reactions to the graphics and the game play as they really only know the more recent consoles, think the Wii is the oldest console they know.

Comes with 20 classic games, two controllers and an hdmi cable, the only thing it doesn't come with is a power adaptor.  It takes micro usb, so I suppose they thought everyone has one of these so they can save money.

It's great playing street fighter II again, as well as riding on Yoshi's back in Super Mario.  Contra taking some time to get used to again as well as a classic game of Mario Kart. 

Full review to follow...

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