3 Wonderful Facts You Never Knew About Technology

Technology is, for the most part, and for many of us, a mystery. We don’t know how it works, and we don’t tend to think too much about it. As long as it switches on that’s good enough. However, this often leads to problems. Usually, if you don’t know how technology works, you’re not going to be able to fix it when it goes wrong. You’ll have no idea how to recover that all important file on your computer. You won’t understand what to do if your computer screen goes blue. You won’t have any idea why your PS4 won’t switch on seemingly for no reason. That’s why it’ can be useful to know a little about the tech in your life, how it works and what makes it tick.

Nothing Is Ever Gone For Good

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It is a fallacy that once you delete files from your recycling bin, you have lost them forever. On the contrary it is very difficult to delete anything completely from a computer. This is why criminals who have illegal files stored almost always get caught. It’s not because they have this information stored on the desktop with a helpful title. Usually, they have done everything they can think of to erase the file. However, short of cutting your laptop to pieces with a chainsaw, there’s not much you can do. Even then, if the memory chip is intact, the data might still be accessible. For law abiding citizens, that’s good news. It means next time you accidentally delete a file, you won’t need to worry.

Files deleted from the cloud, or a server follow the same rules. You can delete the file, but it still exists somewhere. This is the issue celebs ran into when they deleted pictures from their phone. It went into the cloud waste paper basket which, unfortunately, wasn’t emptied.

Heat Is A Serious Issue

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Overheating a piece of tech can lead to serious issues. This is why it is typically not a good idea to rest a laptop on your knee. Despite this being what they were designed for, it can cause problems. No, this has nothing to do with frying your sperm as you may have been informed by mainstream media. Nor, is it likely to lead to the development of cancerous tumours. It could break the laptop though if the fans are blocked. When this happens, the system is no longer able to stay cool. The hard drive overheats and the damage may be irreversible.

That’s why anyone using a data server needs to invest in  as well.  Basically, a data centre is a massive computer hard drive. Without this, the centre will no doubt crash and all the files saved on it could be at risk. Adiabatic Data Centre Coling

You Can Fix Almost Any Piece Of Software With A Hard Reboot

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Assuming that the tech isn’t dead completely, or it won’t switch on at all, it could be fixed with a hard reboot. A hard reboot is like switching off a car engine and turning it back on again. Except, as most people know, for a computer, it is a little tricker than that. Usually, you can get to any hard reboot program at the main page of the computer. For an Apple phone, this is a case of holding both the home and the off button down for a number of minutes. For a Windows computer, you need to press F9. Once you reach this stage, assuming there is no issue with the hardware it is fixable.


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