World according to broadband

The internet has become a necessary part of everyday life, not just in this country, but the world over. Even people who are living in Antarctica are able to gain access to the internet, although, if you were surfing the web in Antarctica then you would be paying a mighty £41.99 for each megabit per second. That’s a pretty high figure when you consider that the cheapest broadband area is Australasia where people will pay just £1.82!

What does the future hold for broadband though? Surely it’s advanced so far in such a short space of time that it has reached its limit? Well not quite! In 2011 a data transfer rate of 26 terabits per second was achieved. If this could be rolled out nationwide, then we would be able to receive internet speeds a staggering 2.4 million times faster than the current worldwide average. Moneysupermarket have looked into the exciting world according to broadband.

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