Windows logoff script (logoff.bat)

This is just a quick post to let you see a simple batch script I have written that I run everytime I log out of my work PC.  It's very simple, just cleans up a few things, the script is fully documented, but if anything isn't clear then please feel free to ask.

There a python script that is called, this is a new addition which goes through and compresses all of my putty session logs, I have a seperate log for each of my PuTTY server connections, depending on what I am doing they can grow quite large, so the script compresses and date stamps them.  I can post the python script if you would like to see it.

You can download the batch file here.


@echo off
REM The above command turns off the output for the script
REM Name : logoff.bat
REM Author : Craig Richards
REM Created : 15th-April-2011
REM Version : 1.2
REM Modified : 1.1 - Changed hard coded path from C:\Documents and Settings\my name to %USERPROFILE%
REM : 1.1 - Changed the hard coded path for drive to %HOMEDRIVE%
REM : 1.2 - Added the section to call my python script to compress my puttylogs when I log off the machine
REM Instructions : From the command line, just type logoff.bat, or double click on the file in windows explorer
REM Clear all Temporary Internet Files
RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 8
REM Clear IE History
RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 1
REM Remove all files from %TEMP% - You can get a copy of sdelete here
sdelete -s %TEMP%/*.*
REM Remove list of Recently opened documents - You can get a copy of sdelete here
sdelete "%USERPROFILE%\Recent\*.*"
REM Compress the days puttylogs - 1.2 
REM Log the date/time 
echo %DATE% %TIME% >> %HOMEDRIVE%\logoff.txt
REM Log off my machine
shutdown -l -f 


As always I am always interested in your thoughts so if you have any comments or feedback then please feel free to add any comments, or you can mail me  here. offer coming to an end

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