iOS 11 and WiFi code sharing

I am very impressed with this feature in iOS 11 and I didn’t know about it until I stumbled across it.  Recently I was away and was asked to setup the new router for the family, not just a simple case of plugging it in as I had to reconfigure all the WiFi extenders as well.

This is where I was impressed, after I typed in the code for my own iPad and this joined the Network, when I clicked on the network on my phone it flashed up on my iPad do I want to share the password with my iPhone, I clicked Share and then it entered the code on my iPhone and then it connected to the internet.  So with all the people we were away with, the ones that had iOS 11 they didn't have to type it in as I could just share it from my iPad to all the devices.

Everyone on the older version sadly had to type in the new code.

What's your favourite features of iOS 11?

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