Spelling Help in Cocoa Mac Applications

Earlier today I was listening to the Mac Geek Gab podcast, episode 322 and I heard a really great tip.  If like me you are bad at spelling, then there is a great way for you to get a list of possible words that you may be trying to spell.  This works in applications that have been developed in cocoa, ie mail.app, safari etc.


Say you are in mail.app for example, if you type Yes then press alt+escape (some of you may call it the option key), then it will display a list of words, see the picture below. 


So as you see it lists all the words that I could possibly spell from Yes, this will really help me out, especially when people ask you how you can spell a word, instead of trying to spell the word then loading spell checker, with two simple key presses you can find the word you were looking for.


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